Electronics Services & Repairs in Somerville, New Jersey

Rely on the professionals from THE SOUND EXCHANGE in Somerville, New Jersey, for expert electronics services and repairs to keep your equipment working properly. From testing speakers to designing home theaters, we do it all for you!
Services for Your Systems
Electronics can come with hefty price tags. Ensure yours works its best when you turn to the professionals at our electronics store for reliable electronic services, such as:
  • Building Custom Speaker Cables
  • Providing Free Wiring Diagrams for Available Systems
  • Designing & Celling Speaker Boxes & Bulk Cabling
  • Demonstrations of High-End Stereo Systems & Speakers
  • Supplying & Designing Custom Acoustical Panels for Listening Rooms & Home Theaters
  • Designing Home Theaters
  • Professionally Setting up, Aligning, & Upgrading Turntable Wires
  • Installing Phono Cartridges & Balancing the Tonearms
  • Advising You on Hooking up Your Computer to Your Stereo System

Make a Trade

THE SOUND EXCHANGE specializes in trading and allows liberal trade-in allowances for quality components you’ve outgrown.

With today’s ever-changing digital formats, you can always count on us for sound advice on compatibility issues. Simply bring your old equipment to us for a free evaluation. You can also trade in old CDs and DVDs.


A Theater for Your New Home

When you're building a new home, bring us your floor plan or blueprints. Our experienced techs will provide the solutions to prepare your house for future technologies. In fact, the CEDIA trained designer has the engineering expertise to coordinate with electricians, builders, and interior designers for any size project.

Designing & Supplying

In addition, our team designs and supplies custom acoustical panels for your listening room or home theater. Our unmatched acoustical expertise ensures your sound quality will be optimized for your listening room.

THE SOUND EXCHANGE provides acoustical advice to fine-tune your room for the best sound quality. Additionally, we support room correction software by Anthem Electronics to give you the optimal sound.
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Quality Repairs

Instead of dishing out additional cash to purchase new electronics, keep more money in your wallet when you come to us for electronics repairs. Backed by more than 30 years of experience, we can make any type of equipment work like new.

From testing and repairing most brands of speakers to upgrading drivers, you can trust us for any type of repair. For your added convenience, we offer advice, analysis, and equalization for the best sound quality of your systems. We also provide free setup advice and troubleshooting services via phone.

Contact us in Somerville, New Jersey, for our reliable electronics services and repairs.